1. dormant, dormient, quiescent; veiled, hidden, Obs. latitant, Inf. closet, delitescent; potential, undeveloped, unrealized, possible; unsuspected, unseen, invisible, unapparent, indiscernible, undiscernable, imperceptible, inconspicuous, unsuggested, unindicated, unintimated, unintended.
2. secret, cryptic, enigmatic, mysterious, occult, arcane, esoteric, recondite; mystic, mystical, cabalistic, cabalis-tical; anagogic, anagogical; cryptographic, crypto-graphical; symbolic, figurative, emblematic, emblematical, metaphorical.
3. implied, implicit, implicated, implicative, implica-tory, implicational, indicated, indicative, meant, hinted at, suggested, suggestive, adumbrative; insinuated, insinuatory, insinuative, insinuating, intimated; inferred, inferential, derived, derivative, concluded, conclusion-al, construed, constructive; unexpressed, unmentioned, unsaid, unstated, undeclared, unuttered, unarticulated, unproclaimed; unacknowledged, undisclosed, unexposed.
4. idle, inactive, passive, unstirring; inert, lifeless, motionless, immovable, immobile, unmoving, stationary; still, stock-still, Chiefly Literary. stilly, becalmed; resting, slumbering, slumberous, somnolent, sleeping, sleepy, hibernating, estivating, (of land) fallow; dull, sluggish, sedentary, stagnant, lethargic, listless, languid.
5. inoperative, nonfunctioning, nonperforming, unused; suspended, deferred, postponed, in abeyance; pausing, stopping, breaking, waiting, hesitating, hesitant, delaying, abeyant.
6. tacit, covert, concealed, confidential, covered up, undercover, underground, underhand, underhanded, devious, clandestine; indirect, deceptive, subversive, surreptitious; illicit, crooked, dishonest, fraudulent, Inf. shady; indefinite, undefined, dim, vague, unclear, hazy, cloudy, nebulous, indistinct.

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